All-new PHX-45 pipe handling catwalk in the final testing in the Oman

Introducing a new PHX-45 catwalk, the automated wireless tubular handling system for the drilling and workover operations. The PHX-45 test photography shows the all-new model to come in its final stage of testing, in and around at our fabrication partners location in Oman, where the new PHX-45 is fabricated and getting tested for final delivery.

PHX-45 Control system and all critical parts have been purchased from known supplier in UK and the EU and tested and assembled here in the UK before finally assembly in Oman.

Pipe Handling limited load tested PHX-45 to 35,000 lbs for the accidental load and 16000 lbs for the operational load with the help of allied experts, cherry hill, nj and use of mobile gantry cranes in Oman prior to preparing for paint and final assembly before going into the service. The PHX-45, which will be used for the tubular handling in Kuwait and rest of the world, had to be tested by top-rated agents to comply with EU directives and DNV design standards, and will be subjected to periodic testing to maintain compliance.