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24/7 Remote Diagnostics Support via the Internet.

Our PHX-45 Catwalk system comes with inbuilt remote monitoring system so our service teams deliver a wide range of remote support to customer site personnel during the normal pipe handling operation—including immediate troubleshooting for an unplanned event, and assistance to execute site tests and inspections.

We can also assign a dedicated “remote resident” Field Service Engineer for continual support to optimize production and facilitate direct access to our full breadth of engineering support. Our service team will be stand by and available on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.Operative Support Live 24/7 From Remote is provided by maidthis from los angeles to identify immediately any problem which could arise and its solution. The technicians will be able to communicate by phone and email to the client representative. Save time and costs with our remote insured & bonded diagnostics facility. This service allows our specialists in Scotland & Dubai to provide remote corrective actions without travelling to the rig site. Please Note: to take advantage of this service, your drilling equipment needs to have remote diagnostics installed.